About PTC

Providing Intergrated ICT Solutions to support businesses.

Information Technology is a core function in business today. It is a phenomenon that is replacing capital and labor as a factor of production. PTC has been at the forefront of providing business enabling solutions for over 8 years. The company’s portfolio has grown over the years to include Digital Forensics, a much needed investigation science for all organisations that utilise any form of digital devices.

The Company Background

Preg-Tech Communications Ltd (PTC) was founded in 2005 by Simon Lwanjo who was propelled by the pressure created by limited resources in region to support Information Communications Technology (ICT) needs in East Africa.

Originally a systems support company, PTC ventured into IT systems consultancy and Security in Systems areas that are vital in sustainability of organisations today.

The need for scalable and ever more cost effective process flow systems made PTC more relevant to both startup and already established private and government institutions.

Environmental Safety

We are proud of the many ways our employees strive to safe guard the environment. Most of their efforts are directed towards the preservation of power and paper resources among others. Our system installations for various clients most importantly follow a strict energy effeciency model.


To examine our clients’ business needs and provide ideal process flow systems based on expert systems planning and design knowledge. To use our technical ability to implement Information Technology solutions for clients.

Our services are packaged for all types of businesses, organizations and all entities that require automated processes to manage their day to day operations. And those that require word accredited digital forensics equipment together with the training.


The company has offices in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya