System Support & Maintenance

PTC has a well-equipped ICT support department with engineers certified in handling a wide expanse of equipment including; HP, IBM-Lenova; Dell. Power APC, EATON; Networking Cisco, Avaya, DLink, Cnet, Alcatel, Huawei and Shyam.

Our technicians have been handling hardware as far back 14 years ago. The experience over the years gives them cutting edge skills.

Access to services;
  1. Onsite support to troubleshoot and repair equipment as required.
  2. Provision of replacement parts and materials as required.
  3. Service levels agreements for the support and maintenance.

Areas of strength

Keeping the work place functioning in the best way possible by providing the best in convenience and unique disposition to benefit the client.

Convenient location for quick onsite response anywhere in the Kampala and beyond.

Extended service hours to better serve our clients (7:30AM – 5:30PM, Monday-Saturday)

Emergency (24x7x365) service hours for contracted clients

First class bench repair and test lab facilities

Fast Computer repair turn-around

Authorized Warranty Service Provider for many major brands

Support for server operating systems and applications

Help Desk support

Expert network-level engineering support w/high level Technical certifications

Depot or Onsite service options

Competitive hourly rates

One of the largest and most experienced computer maintenance and support teams with more than 15 years experience

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping the work place functioning in the best way possible by providing the best in convenience and unique disposition to benefit the client.

  • Equipment warranty remains intact following any maintenance or troubleshooting exercises.
  • During each maintenance exercise, health checks on every machine are carried out to identify any faults. Recommendations for repair and replacement are stipulated in the final report submitted at the end of the maintenance exercise.
  • At the end of each scheduled maintenance exercise, a detailed report of the service and state of equipment handled including recommendations from the health checks is provided. The format of the report includes the following fields (Date of Maintenance, Asset Type, Asset ID, Model, Serial No., Site Status of equip, Tech recommendation)

Additionally for the maintenance of computers, servers and tape backups; the following tasks are carried out;

Cleaning and dust blowing of the hardware units out -side and inside for those that can be opened.

Dusting and cleaning of key boards, mice, track balls, monitors and CPUs.

Cleaning of CD-ROM and tape drives (including head and lens) using cleaning disk tools.

Lubrication and oiling of movable parts of all the hardware units.

Checking and correcting the integrity of hard disk. Emptying of the recycle Bin.

Deletion of temporary files and cache files. General checks on systems performance.

Checking, updating antivirus, running OS patches.

Scan disk and disk defragment to improve performance