Forex Bureau Management System

The Forex Bureau Management System (FBMS) is a versatile platform that has been tested over time and proven to manage daily Forex Bureau operations.

The central Bank in Uganda and the Forex Bureau and Money Remittance association have accredited this Forex Bureau Management system (FBMS) and have selected Preg-tech communication to extend the service to all Forex Bureaus and Banks in country.


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Key Features

Capture and management of Forex sales and purchases.

Generate electronic receipts for both internal and external use (Central Bank )

Generates automated reports for; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual as per Central Bank specifications

Deployment Methodology

Local access.

Web access.

Smart phone compatible.

Basic Features

Capture of Forex Bureau sales & purchases.

Capture of client bio data.

Capture of system user information.

Capture of source of funding.

Tracking of amounts transacted.

Front end user interface and administration panel.

Highly secure.

Multi user access & highly scalable system.

Email integration for sending reports.

Automated and scheduled backup.

Reports designer (Multiple report generation)

Cash transfer between users.

Transaction receipt printing (A4, POS sizes(A5&A6)

Upload for for client ID.

Provision for thumbprint

Signature interface capture.

Key Advantages

Full system customization to client needs.

Forex sales and purchases management.

Reduced stationary cost (An average Forex Bureau has been spending a minimum of USD 80 per week on printing receipt books- this cost goes down by over 80{1cac2269f3c51e2b2cf8d9627257f6399bda9e179352d27d876b127ea2b2fdd7}).

Highly secure platform

Quick support response.

Options for both online and local access.

Security Features

User login and User roles.

User Access rights management.

System logs.

Automated scheduled backup.

System audit trails.

MD5 authentication.

Support & Maintenance

Support & maintenance through user training, weekly on-site checks, consultation through email, phone calls 5 days a week. We have a standby technical team to offer consultancy, support, training, and trouble shoot in case of system failure. Our response time is 30minutes from the time an inquiry is logged in.