Payroll & Human Resource

PTC Human Resource and Payroll Management System is an application that utilizes an intuitive user interface that makes creating, editing and management of payroll records fast and efficient. This system provides a graphical user interface that allows a user to input all employee information and store it electronically to eliminate the need for using paper records.

All information is saved in a secure database which makes it easy to access, edit and search out when needed.

Screen shots


Advantages of the System

 Hosting flexibility – The system can be hosted on your LAN or on our private cloud.
 Easy report generation – The system generates each report in multiple formats ie. PDF, EXCEL
 Low cost of deployment. The platform is highly affordable for the customers. Provides an audit trail.
 Provides easy audit trail of activities

System Features

 The system is dynamic in the creation of statutory deductions and allowances.
 The system allows for multiple pay cycles to be created and traced. Cycles can be created on a daily, weekly, bi- weekly or monthly basis.
 It provides for management in terms of employee information, leave management and time sheet management.
 It provides for automated payslips for employees. This feature allows for broadcast emailing and single generation and printing of payslips
 Clock-in information import interface
Staff promotion matrix

Security Features

 User login.
 User roles.
 User rights management.
 System logs for all instances of access.
 MD5 DB Security.

Security Features


 The system provides the following essential reports in both PDF and Excel formats.

 PAYE report in the format required by URA.
 NSSF report that shows both employee’s and employer’s contributions.
 Service line report This displays the payroll cost department-wise.
 Bank report formats that are acceptable respective banks.
 Employee performance report overtime based on time sheets.
 Payroll cycles report- This provides a well categorized a summary of amount spent by a company per payroll cycle.
 Employee information report.
 Employee leave report.