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Building a Friendly Search Engine Website Designs that Convert Traffic

In today’s online landscape, your website is a mirror of your corporate identity. It reflects your goals and aspirations and proclaims to the internet world the very purpose of your online presence. The success and failure of your commercial venture could hinge on your ability in building search engine friendly website designs that rank high in search engines, and convert online visitors in to leads. Your corporate identity starts with a basic website. A well-structured and configured website is a vital tool for enhancing your corporate image, reducing costs through online functionality, improving customer service, and even increasing your return on


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Web Development & Solutions to Software

We offer a slew of web development and Client Server Applications that include among others:

  • Customized Website Designs that Reflect Online Business Goals
  • Website Designs that Reflect Company Image & Profile
  • Building E commerce websites for Online Success
  • Affordable, Effective & Creative Web Designs that Identify your Requirements
  • User Friendly Interface Designs
  • Regular Updating & Maintenance
  • Site Flow and Easy Navigation
  • HTML Integration with Backend Technologies
  • Friendly Designs
  • Building Sales Funnel
  • Displaying Call to Action
  • Building Contact Form in Home Page
  • Browser Compatibility & Faster Loading
  • Visually Appealing & Unique Appearance
  • Website Redesign Works
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Timely completion of Web Development Works

Attractive Multimedia and Interactive Presentations and, as a result, we build a website that pays for itself.

Website Design Pricing

We are a web development company in Uganda that designs, develops and delivers highly cost effective website designs after taking in to consideration all the requirements of our clients. Our website design pricing is highly competitive and modest, considering the quality and effectiveness of the websites we design, develop and upload. We have customized pricing package for your web design and help turn your business vision in to successful commercial ventures.

Database Driven Websites and portals

The portal (website) can be implemented in any of the current technologies. Preg-Tech can develop the portal (web site) either in the Linux, Java or Microsoft based technologies. Under the Microsoft based technologies, we can implement the solution in ASP, VB.NET, COM/DCOM, MTS, etc. Under Java based technologies, we could implement the solutions in the form of Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), servlets, etc. In Linux the solution would consist of the application developed using PHP and MySQL. A-1 Technology also has very strong expertise developing portal using solutions such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

We develop and deploy Intranet web-sites and portals. A portal is a web site that acts as a single source for all information on a specific vertical domain. Basically, in most of the cases, the “vertical domain” aspect gives a web site the name of a “Portal”. We create database-driven websites and a wide range of web applications tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our services are quick, efficient, and reasonably priced. We can customize your existing website to make it dynamic or we can create a database-driven website or web application from scratch. We also offer professional web-site support services for your new or existing website.

Multimedia & Flash Presentation

A multimedia production combines different media types into a presentation. These different media types include text/ video/ animation/ audio and graphics. Alone each of these types are effective but the exciting aspect of multimedia is that when combined together it can provide brilliant interactive productions. We have experience in creating Multimedia presentations for companies as promotional pieces or for new products that are being introduced. If you have a product or company that you want to demonstrate, a multimedia presentation is an effective way to present it.

Website Hosting

Preg-Tech offers a wide range of quality web site hosting services and solutions designed to suit local and international small businesses and personal site-owner needs. Our shared hosting plans are for members who wish to use high quality servers but at a low cost. All accounts are complimented with our high level of support, access to our community forum and complete management from anywhere in the world.


we implement the best practices in confidential transmission and storage of data. As a client you can rest assured that your information is kept confidential.