FBM - System

Forex Bureau Management System is a customizable platform tested over time and suitably designed to manage daily Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Bureau operations. The FBMS is accredited for use by National Regulators and Money Remittence Associations. The system has been improved over time for efficiency and security.

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Deployment Methodology

  • On Client's premises - Locally
  • Cloud-based - Online

Software Features

  • Capture and management of Forex sales and purchaes
  • Generate electronic receipts for both internal and external use (Central Bank)
  • Generates automated reports for; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales and purchases as per Central Bank’s specifications
  • Easy to use and multi-currency web-based system has an in-built currency database
  • Centralized management and / or update of currency rates
  • End-of-day cash reconciliations of teller transactions and balances
  • Capture multiple currency transactions on one invoice
  • Adjustable thresholds for Large Cash Transaction (LCT monitoring)
  • Cash/Float transfer between users (tellers)
  • Audit trail for all transactions
  • Profit and Loss report per currency
  • Automated and/or scheduled backup
  • Smart phone compatible

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Product Datasheet

Preg-Tech has over 15 years of experience in delivering well tailored ICT products and solutions. Download the Forex Bureau Management System Datasheet below.