Voucher Management Information System - VMIS

Also referred to as a Claim Processing System, the VMS is a robust MSQL database application designed to facilitate Point of Service plans across multiple scenarios like Public healthcare, Extension Services in Agriculture as well as Volunteer programs in Literacy as well as civic education & Community sensitization. The VMIS was the first Management Information System developed by Preg-Tech, from the ground up, in close collaboration with Lotus Technologies* with the capability to run a Wide Area Network setup with real time
access across all the regions in the country.

Deployment Environment

  • Client-server based

Software Features

  • Serialized voucher generation
  • Voucher activation via system integrated over SMPP and SOAP protocol (USSD, IVR, WEB, SMS, WAP)
  • Voucher housekeeping and distribution tracking
  • Claims processing & reimbursement
  • Expiry date management
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • Multiple report generated

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Product Datasheet

Preg-Tech has over 15 years of experience in delivering well tailored ICT products and solutions. Download the Voucher Management System Datasheet below.